The Croatian Debate Society invites all interested parties to a public debate that is being held as part of the Academy of Fine Arts students’ art exhibition on March 9, 2015. The public debate will take place at the Europe House in Zagreb (Cesarčeva 6), starting at 12:45 pm. The theme of the art exhibition is Women’s Day.

As part of International Women’s Day, high school debaters will hold a debate on the thesis “The legal status of women in society has to improve”.

Besides the exhibition and debate, the event will feature the announcement of the winners of the “Women’s Day through photography” photo contest, organized by the Croatian Debate Society for elementary and high school students in Zagreb. Jury’s favorites will be featured as part of the exhibition.

The Croatian Debate Society’s topic of the year is women’s rights. Students have debated on various theses in the field of women’s rights at debate tournaments. The public debate on March 9 is a part of this cycle, which aims to raise awareness of young people about the problem of women’s rights and the status of women in the society.

From March 5 to 15, the hall of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb is hosting the “Gender equality now!” action, an exhibition that is part of the broader project Poster4Tomorrow, with the ultimate goal to launch a public debate on subjects important to the whole society, such as the right to work, health, education, freedom of speech, as well as the right to gender equality. “Gender equality now!” will showcase 100 posters by authors from all over the globe.

The status of women progressed greatly in the last century, but gender equality still hasn’t been achieved, caution the authors of the posters, adding that gender equality is necessary here and now!

Everyone interested is welcome to visit the exhibition and in the future contribute their own creative ideas to the Poster4Tomorrow project. Find more info about the project at

In March, the Domine Association is continuing to implement the project “Employed woman—independent woman” as part of its long-term program of economic empowerment and psycho-social support for unemployed women.

The main objective of the project is raising the level of education, skills, and motivation of unemployed women in job hunting, self-employment, and writing and implementing EU projects. The project is aimed at young unemployed women between 18 and 29 with no work experience, unemployed women between 23 and 40 in the category of hard-to-employ women (victims of domestic and other forms of violence, single mothers, women with disabilities, long-term unemployed women), and women graduates who have already acquired some skills and knowledge necessary to write and implement EU projects.

The project is sponsored by the City of Split, in cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service, Split Regional Office, Croatian Employers’ Association, Split Regional Office, Local Employment Partnerships (LPZ), CEDRA Cluster for Social Entrepreneurship, and several NGOs (Most, Mi, Sunce, 50+). Detailed info about the project is available at and