Association of Zora along with partners Safe House Čakovec and Social Welfare Centre with its subsidiary Family Center started the project “It’s Never Too Late” in mid-July 2014. The partners will jointly operate on the project and maintain a variety of educational and information activities aimed to identify, contain and prevent of all forms of domestic violence in Čakovac, Mursko Središće and Prelog.

Domestic violence does not begin and end with causing and inflicting physical pain and injury, it also includes a much more covert way of acting, such as psychological, economic, sexual violence. In our society it is often only the physical violence that is recognized and considered serious, while the other forms and types of violence are often ignored. However, all forms of domestic violence are equally destructive to the person, the family and society as a whole.

The project objectives are to inform the population of Međimurje County about services and places (organizations / institutions) which they can use pro-bono in relation to the protection and prevention of domestic violence, as well as the recognition and prevention of various forms of domestic violence.

Association Zora, Social Welfare Centre with its subsidiary Family Center, Safe House Čakovec and other associates will work directly with the victims that will contact them during the project, to provide them with assistance in accordance with their problems and needs related to domestic violence.

The project is financially supported by the Croatian Government’s Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities.

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