On the 5th March, the EU Commission has presented a new Gender Equality Strategy for Europe 2020-2025, reports the Office for Gender Equality of Croatian Government.

The Strategy sets out key activities of the European Commission and its attitude that the gender equality perspective should be included in all EU politics. This is the first EU Commission Strategy in this field and it is based on the promise and political guidelines of its President, Ursula von der Leyen, that she will advocate for a Union of Equality. The Strategy holds goals to create significant progress for the gender equal Europe by 2025. The ultimate goal is „Union where women and man, girls and boys, with all their diversity can freely choose their life paths, have the same progress opportunities, equally take part and lead the European society. “

Goals of Strategy are connected to removal of gender-based violence; fighting stereotypes; removal of the gender gap in the labor market; achieving equality in different economic fields; removing the gap between women and men in the nourishing and care and achieving gender equality in decision making and politics. With the leadership of Helena Dalli, commissioner for equality and the support of newly formed Gender Equality Working group, the Strategy will be implemented through two primary ways – by targeted actions and by including a gender equality perspective in every EU politics.

It is expected that EU Commission presents one of the first measurements for implementation of this strategy in the end of 2020 – these are binding measures for the salary transparency. Public consultations about this Bill are opened until 27th July.

This Strategy is in line with European foreign policy in the field of gender equality and women empowerment.


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