The SOS Telephone—the City of Rijeka is a non-profit association which offers support to victims of violence and others in a crisis situation, promotes public awareness about the need to protect victims of violence, and raises awareness that living without violence is a basic human right. These goals are primarily met by providing assistance over the phone or through direct contact with victims in the Counseling Center. In order to spread awareness about these issues, they organize educational workshops, lectures in kindergartens, primary and high schools, and higher education institutions and universities with the aim of promoting the awareness about the causes and consequences of violence and the need for its prevention. With this in mind, the association published its first online newsletter for the prevention of violence as part of a three-year program named “Counseling for the victims of domestic violence”, which is financed by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.

In the newsletter titled “NO to violence”, you can find a multitude of educational and interesting articles on the topic of violence, its prevention, and victim protection. Besides scholarly articles, it contains personal experiences of the volunteers and users of the Counseling Center, as well as literary criticism and summaries of the association’s projects and activities. Some of the topics of the newsletter are: the legal aspects of the protection against domestic violence, child abuse in the family, alcohol and violence in youth relationships, forms and effects of TV violence, and the like.

All articles are contributed by the volunteers of the SOS Telephone—the City of Rijeka Association. Read the newsletter here.

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