On Tuesday, May 20th, with the start at 20h, in the hall of First Gymnasium (Dubrovnik Avenue 36, Zagreb), second run of the play „Everything that’s not yours“ was held.

Experimental drama „Everything that’s not yours“ is an author project under leadership of Lejla Jerković in the production of Tina Kadoić. It is based exclusively on volunteer work of all members of the team and works with the goal of questioning society, current events and as education of those. In several situations, the woman-body-voice-society relationship is shown. It has evolved into an indepedent project since then, supported by Solidarna – foundation for human rights and solidarity, and House of Human Rights.

The play was starred by Lena Medar, Jelena Kovačić, Matko Podobnik, Denis Tomić, Katarina Rodek, Martina Jelavić, Bernanda Filipović and Lana Bogović

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