Association Mobbing from Zagreb celebrates 10 years of its operation this year. The association was founded with the goal of sensitizing the public to the problem of mobbing and the education and counseling of the victims of mobbing.

The term itself means a specific form of bullying behavior in the workplace in which one or more persons uses various planned, designed and sophisticated ways to violate the honor, reputation and dignity of others, with the goal of eliminating the said others from their workplace. According to research, mobbing most often happens in poorly organized enterprises.

According to the survey conducted among the persons who have approached the association, women are more often the victims and men more often the abusers. Consequently, a higher percentage (66%) of women have reported mobbing. Women are at a greater risk of becoming victims of abuse, while men are more often participating in the abusive behavior. When the women are the abusers, in most cases their victim is also a woman. The male victims of mobbing were often exposed to threats and physical attacks, while about 15% of the women have faced sexual abuse in the workplace.

Mobbing causes many negative consequences for the victim, so that 80% of the people that have approached the Mobbing Association through the years expressed that they felt degraded and helpless. More than 70% of the victims do not even know that their company employs a person that is in charge of the protection from abuse or know who the person is, even though their employers are bound to inform them of this fact.

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