On Semptember 1, 2018. started the implementation of the european project- „Sexual Violence – Educational and Prevention program“ (SVEP Program).

The project leader is the Women’s Room, while the partner organizations on the project are the Ombudsman for Children of the Republic of Croatia, Blue Phone, Bernadette Frankopan Ogulin High School, Daruvar Economic and Tourism School, Osijek Crafts School, Osijek Medical School, Zagreb Food Technology School and Ivan Svear High School Ivanic grad. The project is being implemented for a period of two years, financed by the European Commission for the Prevention and Suppression of Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Children, REC-AG-2017/REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2017.

The project will last 24 months, and will be implemented throughout the Republic of Croatia.

The general aim is to prevent sexual violence against children through educational activities, capacity building and awareness-raising. Specific objectives of the project are: to increase the capacities of relevant stakeholders and experts in the area of prevention of sexual violence against children by increasing the level of knowledge and strengthening multisectoral cooperation; develop, implement and evaluate the impact of the SVEP program, reduce the risk of sexual violence among students; to actively involve children in the prevention of sexual violence and to sensitize and alert the general public to the issue of sexual violence against children.


Coordinator of the Women’s Room – The Center for sexual rights, Maja Mamula, participated in the 22nd ISPCAN “Child Protection in the Changing World” congress, held from 2 to 5 September 2018 in Prague.

A member of the Regional Network, whose co-founder is the Women’s Room, Dušica Popadić, Incest Trauma Center, Belgrade, facilitated the “Child and teen mental health” session first day at the ISPCAN congress and second day at the ISPCAN congress she held a lecture “Childminders concerned with sexual assault issues in Serbia alert about their fundamental right protected as human rights defenders “.