Věra Jourová, European Union’s Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality has said how, from now on, the rights of violence victims will now be guaranteed also beyond their own countries, wherever they may be in Europe. It is estimated that inside the European Union, every fifth women, faced with violence in a part of their life. The physical violence is often caused by a person who the victim knows well, such as the partner.

Better protection is to be guaranteed for violence victims in all EU member states, especially the victims of domestic violence and stalking. According to the new rules, injunctions, protection and writs given in one member-state are now quickly and efficiently recognized across the EU, through a simple confirmation.

The person who suffered domestic violence will feel safe when travelling out of their own country, since it is only necessary to bring with them the writ/confirmation by which they are protected from the perpetrator. Before, victims had to go through complicated steps, in order for their protection to be recognized in other EU member-states, and they needed to start the process of confirming their situation in every country. Now, the original confirmations/writs will automatically be recognized in other member states. This means that the victim can travel without having to go through these complicated and exhausting processes.

The position of domestic violence victims has been improved by the new mechanism, which consists of two separate instruments: the Regulation

Poboljšanje položaja žrtava nasilja te bolja zaštita unaprjeđeni su donošenjem novog mehanizma koji se sastoji dvaju odvojenih instrumenata: Regulation on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters and the Directive on the European protection order.

More information can be found on the pages of the EU Representation in Croatia.

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