Twelve women participated in a workshop on “Preventing gender-based violence” on April 30, 2015, aimed at young women at risk of violence or those working with young people at risk of violence. The half-day workshop was organized in collaboration with the NGOs Info Zona and League for the Prevention of Addiction from Split.

From 3 to 8 p.m., the workshop leaders Paula Zore, professor of history and comparative literature and Laura Marković, psychologist and counselor, familiarized the participants with the issue of gender-based violence, with the emphasis on sexual violence.

The workshop also dealt with gender-based violence and the consequences of sexual violence and deconstructed the myths and prejudices that stand in the way to a zero tolerance society. The participants also watched the video titled “Ask for consent!” and learned about the Rules of Procedures in Cases of Sexual Violence and legal practices for prosecuting sexual violence.

Half-day workshops are an integral part of the “My Voice against Violence” project of the Office for Gender Equality of the Croatian Government, which is financially supported by the European Union (as part of the Program for Employment and Social Solidarity—PROGRESS). Two partner organizations in the project are the Women’s Room—Center for Sexual Rights and CESI—Center for Education, Counseling and Research.

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