On April 16 and 17, 2015, the RODA—Parents in Action Association organized the Human Rights in Childbirth Eastern Europe Conference in Zagreb. The conference was the eighth breastfeeding conference of the RODA Association. The conference was attended by representatives from 25 world countries, who emphasized a number of difficulties faced by pregnant and nursing women.

A spotlight was put on the problems and human rights violations facing women in childbirth around the globe, such as uninformed consent, physical and/or psychological violence against women in childbirth, unjustified medical interventions, the violation of privacy and intimacy, the absence of a partner who has completed childbirth training during childbirth, and so on. Another key issue was the large number of caesarean sections and episiotomies, which needs to be reduced.

The conference brought to light the necessity of continuing education for health workers as the first step in mother and child care. Mothers who have any questions or concerns can call RODA’s SOS line (01 61 77 520 or 091 22 77 220) or contact them through social networks.

Maja Mamula, Paula Zore, and Antonija Hojt-Ilić attended the conference on behalf of the Women’s Room.

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