A lecture on “Standardization of Monitoring of Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence” was held on April 27 in Dubrovnik by DEŠA civil society organization.

The lecture presented the data of research conducted by DEŠA organization on the topic of having a singular collection of comprehensive data on violence against women in Dalmatia.
The research has shown that there is no systematic monitoring of cases of violence against women and domestic violence at any one level and that even within institutions there is no standardization and we often encounter mistakes and illogicalities in the data.
Without high quality and harmonized data, we can not speak of the actual number of cases of violence reported, and we can not know what kind of help the victims need.
The seminar was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, police and other public institutions, who turned this attention to the importance of maintaining a good statistics and reporting violence. With lectures like this, we can strengthen our capacities to ensure better inter-sector co-operation. The ultimate aim of the research is to create a proposal for a systematic monitoring of violence against women and domestic violence in the area of Dalmatia. By doing so, we can hopefully gain better insight into the real needs and problems of institutions and organizations dealing with violence against women and domestic violence in the area of Dubrovnik county.


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