One Billion Rising- a name of a movement against violence against girls and women that has been commemorated for 10 years in more than 200 countries. In Croatia, the Vinkovci Vocational School joined this movement. 200 students stated, with a dance choreography, that they are rising against any form of violence, especially against women and girls.

It is about raising awareness of how much violence there is around us and that they start fighting against violence from the very beginning. If we don’t start teaching them from the onset, they won’t realize how wrong violence is and that it should be stood up to-said Stefanie Jade Horvat, a psychologist from the Vocational School of Vinkovci.

The school has been participating in this project for three years. This kind of participation in a global project against violence is praise-worthy. The event is also symbolic-as it is held on Valentine’s Day-the Day of Love.

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