Registrations for a cycle of workshops for students that are victims of peer violence is underway. With the beginning in February of 2017, a cycle of workshops for middle school students and high school students will be held at the Tesa Psychological Center. Applications for new groups are currently underway.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15 students per group. The advantage goes to the first applicants, therefore hurry with the applications. Students can be enrolled by their parents or by a professional service from school in agreement with their parents.

Beginning of the next workshop cycle: February 2017 (the exact date will be advertised subsequently). Prior applications of students are mandatory.

The cycle consists of six psychological workshops that will be held on Saturdays with the aim of strengthening the self-image, self-esteem and communication skills, especially assertiveness and non-violent conflict resolution.

The workshops will be held in the area of the Tesa Psychological Center at the Ban Josip Jelačić Square 1/III, Zagreb

Participation is free for all participants.

The workshops will be held by Tanja Dejanović Šagadin and Ana Čović, psychologists and psychotherapists.

The workshops will be done interactively with a series of student-adapted exercises through which students practise their obtained knowledge and acquire new skills.

Applications and additional information via email:

The cycle of workshops is held within the project HAND of SUPPORT (Ruka podrške) to students who suffer from violence- a project for prevention of peer violence, with the financial support from the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth for 2016, and the support of the City Office for Social Protection and Disabled Persons for 2016 is expected.

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