The Council of European Municipalities and Regions in cooperation with Inner City Fund GHK Consulting and Basque County University is pursuing a Pilot project for the development of indicators for measuring the implementation of the European Charter for Equality of women and men in local life. Besides the mentioned organizations, the Croatian Association of Counties has joined the project. The national coordinator for the pursument of the project is Renata Skoko, the Assistant to the Head of Administration and General Affairs in the Varaždin County, in September 2014.

The goals of the project are the development of scientific indicators for the following and measuring of the European Charter’s implementation, promotion of these indicators to the signatories and developing a “tool” which would enable the signatories to use and assess the developing indicators. The project lasts two years, and is implemented from January 2014. Up till January 2015, in the Republic of Croatia, the Charter is signed only by the counties Opatija, Delnice and Solin.

More information about this project can be found on the website: .

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