On May 3, from 4 to 7 p.m., the Center for Women’s Studies will convene a panel titled “The scent of jasmine in the Mediterranean―Women in the post-Arab Spring countries” as part of the Subversive Festival’s Mediterranean Forum at the Müller Hall of the Europe Cinema in Zagreb.

During the Arab Spring, the women and men of Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya took to the streets and squares to demand reforms and regime change, demonstrating side by side. The Jasmine Revolution inspired hope that women would actively participate as citizens and partners in the working of the new parliaments and governments to shape the future of their countries.

However, as the crumbling regimes fell, the old walls of gender division rose once again. Women have been abused, raped, and banished from public places. Nevertheless, their experience as participants in the protests can’t be erased. We will hear about their experience and the current situation and struggle of women for social justice and gender equality from: Amal Jackouby (Tunisia), Caroline Brac de La Perriere (France), and Samia Allalou (Algeria). The moderator of the panel is Rada Borić.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the panel.

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