The Women’s Studies Center is conducting a research with the aim of mapping the representation and type of content related to women/ gender topics in the curriculum at higher educational institutions of some faculties at the University of Zagreb on the sample of several social-humanistic faculties and the Academy of Dramatic Art and the Faculty of Medicine.

We are searching for volunteers who would participate in the research by doing content analysis. Volunteers should be interested in women/gender topics; they should have theoretical knowledge of research implementation and a current student status or have graduated within the previous three years. Prior to the research, selected volunteers are obligated to take part in a 90 minute instruction guided by professionals.

Name of project: Researching representation of women/gender content in the university curriculum (as part of the “Active citizenship-youth education on gender equality project”)

Job type: Implementation of one of the research phases-20 hours of data collection

Organizer: Center for Women’s Studies

Contact person: Andreja Gregorina,

Project location: Dolac 8/I, Zagreb, City of Zagreb

Target group: student population/or persons who have finished university within the last 3 years

Target number of volunteers: 7

Start of volunteering: 7 February 2017

End of volunteering: 3 April 2017

Number of hours: 20

From-until: not specified

Location: City of Zagreb

Necessary knowledge and skills: Student status/finished university within last 3 years, theoretical knowledge of research implementation, interest about women/gender topics

  1. Expected results for the organization and users: Determine the representation of women/gender topics at the level of study programs, at the course level and at the level of teaching units
  2. Expected results for volunteers: Gaining experience in conducting research, introduction to the content analysis method, expanding communication skills and expanding information on women/gender topics.

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