About the webpage

The idea for the development of webpage “Safe Zone” arose from the recognition of the need for the existence of a unique site that would consolidate all information relevant to the issue of combating violence against women.

The primary goal is to make it easier for women victims of violence to access information they need, starting with the contact information of all the relevant institutions, bodies and civil society organizations that can provide them with help and support. Therefore, the part of the web site designed for women victims of violence includes the option to search for the closest institutions and organizations that provide assistance with respect to the specific issue and the county in which the victim of violence lives. It also includes information on the types of violence, prevalence, consequences, and other important information that can help victims in the process of making the decision to end the cycle of violence and finding adequate help and support.

In addition, our goal is to contribute to the fight against violence against women and to make a step towards improving the cooperation between the various bodies and institutions and civil society organizations. Specifically, in order to achieve necessary changes pertaining to the issues of violence against women, successful cooperation between all relevant actors is a necessary precondition. Consequently, a part designed for state bodies, institutions and civil society organizations will, besides listed contact information, be open to the exchange of information (e.g. current events, trainings), and will thus improve the cooperation between all services that provide help and support to women victims of violence.

Web-page “Safe Zone” was launched by the Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights with the financial support of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and the City of Zagreb.. Web page programed Nikola Strelar, and designed Barbara Blasin.

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