In March, the Domine Association is continuing to implement the project “Employed woman—independent woman” as part of its long-term program of economic empowerment and psycho-social support for unemployed women.

The main objective of the project is raising the level of education, skills, and motivation of unemployed women in job hunting, self-employment, and writing and implementing EU projects. The project is aimed at young unemployed women between 18 and 29 with no work experience, unemployed women between 23 and 40 in the category of hard-to-employ women (victims of domestic and other forms of violence, single mothers, women with disabilities, long-term unemployed women), and women graduates who have already acquired some skills and knowledge necessary to write and implement EU projects.

The project is sponsored by the City of Split, in cooperation with the Croatian Employment Service, Split Regional Office, Croatian Employers’ Association, Split Regional Office, Local Employment Partnerships (LPZ), CEDRA Cluster for Social Entrepreneurship, and several NGOs (Most, Mi, Sunce, 50+). Detailed info about the project is available at and

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