Meeting of partner organizations on the joint project “Through Education to Knowledge – Through Cooperation for Change” was held on May 12th, 2014 in Rijeka. The National Foundation for Civil Society Development financially supports project

The project is implemented by the Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights as the holder of the project, the Women’s Association “HERA” from Krizevci, Center for Women Adela from Sisak, Association Brod – Group for Women Human Rights and SOS Telephone – City of Rijeka.

At the meeting of the partner organizations evaluations were conducted of previous activities carried out and the participants agreed upon the further course of the activities. Participants of the meeting agreed on further steps necessary for successful implementation of the project in order to achieve the set goals. The project objectives are to strengthen the capacity and visibility of the organization through the transfer of specific knowledge and skills among organizations, initiating informal network of civil society organizations that provide direct assistance and support for women victims of violence (including shelters and counseling) and raising awareness and sensitizing the general public and active participation of citizens in the process of the democratisation of society.

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