Women’s Room – Center for Sexual Rights and Trans Aid – Association for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Trans, Inter and Gender Non-conforming People are conducting research on the experiences and needs of trans and gender non-conforming persons in the Republic of Croatia, as well as the obstacles to the realization of a safe and dignified life. The survey aims to collect data on the current needs and problems faced by the said group of people to create recommendations and strategies to encourage further social change in order to achieve the human rights of gender non-conforming persons.

The study consists of in-depth interviews lasting one to do three hours. The questions in the interview itself are related to the development of identity, practice, social climate, education, and experience in accessing health services, legal framework and other obstacles they face. All information collected within the interviews will be treated as strictly confidential and only the researchers will have access to transcripts of interviews. Nobody else will have full access to the interviews, and the only data that actually gets published will assure absolute anonymity. Audio records and transcripts will be permanently deleted within six months from the occurrence of the interview.

All trans and gender non-conforming persons that lived/are currently living in the Republic of Croatia are invited to participate in the survey and kindly asked to contact the researchers through e-mail: transaidcroatia@gmail.com or phone 091/795 – 1986, after which the research team will contact them to make arrangements about the time and the place of the interview.

Given that this research is the first research carried out with trans and gender non-conforming persons in Croatia, it is extremely important to collect information to improve the social and legal status of our community.

Invitation to Participate in Research (on Croatian language).

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