One Wednesday, not so long ago, a large number of Croatians dressed up in pink shirts. With this gesture they participated in commemorating the Pink Shirt Day. The Pink Shirt Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday in February, and this year it will be celebrated on the 22nd of February.

But where does the Pink Shirt Day come from? What is being said with the pink shirts? The Pink Shirt Day is a program which was created with the aim of peer violence prevention. The idea for conducting this program appeared because of peer violence in a school in Canada. The boy in Canada came to his first day of school dressed in a pink shirt as a sign of support towards his ill mother. The pink shirt caused violence from his school peers. As a sign of support towards the boy and with the aim of protesting peer violence, the boy’s friends also wore a pink shirt.

In Croatia, Pink Shirt Day has been commemorated four years in a row, and each year the number of participants increases. The idea carrier in Croatia is the Center for Education and Violence Prevention. On their Facebook page they have announced how this year about one million participants commemorated Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day was also commemorated by  large number of schools which influences the reduction of peer violence.

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