Encouraged by the attack at the Super Super nightclub, in which a LGBT party was being held, the Civil Society Organization Iskorak launched a campaign called #Iamagainsthatred. The mission of Iskorak is to promote and protect the human rights of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia, in particular the human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) persons, and commitment to their participation in society as equal citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

On the web portal Libela it says that the campaign was launched to “warn of increased hate speech and violence in public spaces and to show everyone that they will not be silent and watch the foundations of the state collapse under the excuse of tradition and patriotism while the ruling parties relativize hate speech and violence against all who are different”.

The campaign can be joined by anyone by leaving an anti-hate and violence message on the wall, sharing posts on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) ad donating to the campaign.

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