The doctors’ initiative for regulating of the right on conscientious objection in medicine, together with CESI – Center for education, counseling and research are organizing a round table called “Conscientious objection in medicine”. The round table will be held on 21st of January 2015 in the Novinarski dom (Croatian Journalists’ Association building) at the address Perkovčeva 2 in Zagreb, starting at 11:00h.

A conscientious objective allows doctors the rejection of providing certain medical services. An example of this would be the availability of legal abortion. The doctors’ initiative is of the opinion that conscientious objection is a problem, not only for the availability of abortions, but in a wider field of reproductive medicine (contraception, emergent contraception, sterilization, miscarriage, prenatal diagnostics, in vitro fertilization, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, taking care of pregnant women, raped girls and women, information giving and educating about planning of pregnancies); preventive medicine (vaccination) and in palliative medicine and oncology (treatment of pain, patient’s will expressed in advance, etc.)

The round table will thematise the question of conscientious objective in medicine. The moderator will be Vesna Kesić, and the speakers will be: Gorjana Gjurić:  Conscientious objection in medicine Herman Haller: Abortion induced through medicaments Dubravko Lepušić: Conscientious objection – experiences from practice Jasenka Grujić Koračin: What is there to do? Dalida Rittossa: The question of the constitutionality of conscientious objections by doctors in cases of abortion

The announced round table represents a significant step forward in the increase of visibility of those who want to point out the effects of rejecting the doing of certain medical services due to conscientious objection on the availability and quality of standardized and legal health protection and on the enjoyment of fundamental human rights and specialized rights of patients.

The doctors’ initiative is advocating and demands the regulation of the question of conscientious objection in medicine.

The attendance of the round table needs to be confirmed on the email:

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